About Our Company

Pranat Engineers PVT. LTD (PEPL) Is serving the Indian society from more than two decades and Contributing for energy conservation through the energy efficiency enhancement route. In the year 1994, Mr. Akash Jain after completing his graduation in electrical engineering from the University of Pune returned to Delhi and along with some key persons in the power industry, successfully launched this organization.

PEPL has performed energy audits in more than 200 industrial enterprises, more than 400 commercial buildings, and more than 100 municipal corporations, this include iconic buildings like the president house, parliament house, planning commission building, BEE Building, and a variety of industries. PEPL is one of the most successful ESCO as delivered maximum ESCO projects in India. Had been declared as the best ESCO for the year 2014

Why US?

  • Grade-ESCO
  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • Perform Projects on a turnkey basis
  • Backward integration for lighting etc, AS our Group Company, Manufactures LED Lights.
  • Our Energy audit team is well versed and experienced in the various processes along with various
  • international national qualifications. They are having the expertise in performance assessment of various
  • industrial systems Power generation system (turbines, DGS, Grid Supply, etc)
  • Electricity distribution systems PCCs, MCCs, Transformers, Cables, Breakers, etc.
  • Motive load systems (pump, fans, blowers, etc.)
  • HVAC systems (AHUs, Chillers, ACS, Cooling Towers, etc.)
  • Compressed air & Vacuum systems (compressors, Dryers, Vaccum pumps, Line losses, etc.)
  • Lighting system (indoor, outdoor, task lighting, etc.)
  • Boiler &steam systems ( steam generation, Distribution, line losses, Thermo packs, etc.)
  • Furnaces & other thermal utilities
  • Various process related to manufacturing
  • ISO & other established management systems

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