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With the increase in the use of skin care products based on chemicals, air pollution and water, and a pressured lifestyle; The need to visit skin specialists is no longer an alien concept for city residents. Skin specialists in Mumbai often find patients who only want to increase their skin and do not get disease or injury. Dermatologist in Mumbai, therefore, develop cosmetic and corrective care choices.

The corrective procedure requires the differential diagnosis of skin conditions and identifies the appropriate surgical or non-surgical treatment according to the patient’s skin type. Cosmetic procedures, on the other hand, can be aesthetic or reconstructive in nature. Dermatologists in Bandra offer care to manage signs of aging, care for fat reduction, augmentation and reduction procedures, and scar reduction treatments.

Various skincare treatments, both corrective and cosmetics, can only be provided with surgery for the best results. Skin specialists in Mumbai offer the following surgical care for corrective reasons and cosmetics –

Lip enlargement operation

Facelift surgery and lift eyebrows

Grafting skin and grafting facial fat

Liposuction Surgery

Breast enlargement operation

However, surgical procedures are usually expensive and in many cases are not necessary. Dermatologists and cosmetologists in Mumbai also offer non-invasive and non-surgical procedures for improving cosmetics –

Botox injection (wrinkle management)

Face filler injection

Chemical and organic skin

Laser liposuction.

Ultherapy and Venus Fat Freeze (alternative, non-invasive procedures for fat reduction)

Scar reduction

In addition to providing cosmetic procedures, dermatologists in Bandra also carry out corrective procedures for skin diseases and diseases. Corrective care offered by dermatologists and cosmetologists in the treatment of Mumbai eye petal cancer, psoriasis treatment, scar reductions, acne treatments, and removal of skin tags and warts.

All cosmetic treatments must be specific to the patient’s skin type and cannot be generic. Therefore, it is important to utilize dermatological services from trained and professional skin specialists in Mumbai. Although there are many dermatologists and cosmetic experts in Mumbai to be chosen, you must be careful about the quality of services offered. Instead of sensitive to price, you must be sensitive to the value when choosing a dermatologist.

Rinky Kapoor is one of the leading dermatologists in Bandra, which specializes in corrective and cosmetic skincare. He offers customized skin solutions developed after a thorough skin analysis and is designed to provide maximum results. Contact the esthetic clinic today to order your personal skin consultation.

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