Stretch imprints or striae are long, tight streaks or lines that structure when the skin is extended excessively fast because of development or quick weight acquire. The unexpected or fast development of the body causes the extending of skin layers past as far as possible. This upsets the collagen and elastin skin filaments bringing about the development of stretch imprints. These imprints typically show up in the skin’s dermis layer and on the outside of the stomach, thighs, hips, bosoms, upper arms, and lower back. Stretch imprints don’t present genuine medical problems, yet it debilitates the look and brings down a person’s certainty and confidence. Get more information aboutDermatologist New Delhi

Reasons for stretch imprints: 

Ladies experience stretch imprints during pregnancy as the skin extends in various manners to account for the creating baby. Consistent extending causes stretch imprints. 

Quick addition or deficiency of weight causes stretch imprints. This is normally seen in young people. 

Utilization of corticosteroid creams, moisturizers, and the utilization of sedated pills can make stretch imprints decline the capacity to extend. 

An expansion in the measure of cortisone chemicals in the body additionally causes stretch imprint development. 

Adrenal organ problems like Cushing disorder, Marfan condition cause stretch imprints by expanding the measure of cortisone. 

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