Pimple Removal

What is pimple?

Acne is a chronic skin disease that occurs when hair follicles are blocked by oil secreted by dead skin cells and sebaceous glands. It is normal for acne to have oily skin. Acne is common in areas where we have a lot of oil glands, such as our face, back, and upper chest.

Generally speaking, there are six types of Pimple:

Blackheads – Caused by small-size black or yellowish pimples.

Whiteheads – Acne spots which are firmer with a white center.

Cysts – Large size pus filled lesions resembling boils – almost always cause scars and quite painful.

Papules – Tiny pimples looking red and feel sore/tender.

Pustules – Bumps with pus filled center with a white head like tip.

Nodules – Painful and bigger, lumpy spots developing under the skin and hard to feel.

What are the levels?

Level 1-mild, only blackheads, whiteheads and some papules, without any inflammation

Level 2-moderate, with a lot of blackheads, whiteheads and more papules and pustules

Level 3-moderate to severe, plaques all over the body, including nodules And pain, red skin

Level 4-more serious, there are painful pustules, nodules and cysts, involving the back, chest and shoulders. It is called cystic acne.

What are the side effects of acne?

 Although acne is not a life-threatening disease, it has profound effects due to physical manifestations. Acne and cyst, even after healing, will not only leave scars on the skin, but also leave scars on the psychological background. This skin condition can lead to low self-confidence and low self-esteem, depression, social isolation and suicidal tendency, pigmentation, dark spots, rough skin scars, pits and pits.

 Acne treatment options depend on Based on the severity and medical history, your dermatologist will determine which treatment is best for you. They can be the treatment of systemic acne. Hormonal acne treatment: testosterone oral contraceptives that help control excessive sebum. estrogen/progesterone vitamin A capsules are anti-inflammatory, reduce sebum production, fight bacteria in acne, clean the epidermis and A cosmetic treatment that helps get rid of acne. Chemical peel: It can improve the appearance of the skin with the help of chemical peel. For active lesions, our clinic in southern Mumbai uses salicylic skin or zolepi treatment to help resolve active acne and prevent marks and scars. Jet Peel: Use pressurized air to accelerate the jet of droplets, gently clean and remove Keratinous skin. Helps reduce active damage

Microdermabrasion to remove scars- Pimple Removal In Mumbai

will use a unique device to gently rub the facial skin to create a path for the fresh and smooth skin layer to restore the treated skin. In microdermabrasion, fine exfoliating crystals are scattered on the skin. It is basically an exfoliating treatment that can rejuvenate the facial skin, and is best for brown spots, dull skin and age spots. Laser photodynamic therapy-This is a method of applying laser treatment using photosensitive drugs, which is best to kill pre-skin cancer and sunburn. A series of treatments can stop acne for several months without taking oral medications, and can also change some signs. Therefore, the results obtained when used together with the laser are faster, and it is an effective choice for treating acne. Phototherapy: Laser therapy or phototherapy is a non-invasive procedure that uses light energy to repair and regenerate damaged skin. This process has several benefits, such as removing acne, improving immune response, reducing inflammation, improving circulation and so on. Laser skin resurfacing-precise removal of the skin layer by layer. The new skin cells formed during the healing process make the skin surface smoother and look younger. Capsule cortisone injection. Pit-shaped scars are filled with soft tissues. For a comprehensive acne plan, please make an appointment with the best  Pimple Removal In Mumbai

skin specialist.

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